Dear Prospective Member,

We are glad to hear of your interest in our club. The Imperial Owners Association of Northern California (IOANC) is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of preserving and promoting the Imperial line as a distinctive luxury car. The Imperial is considered the "flagship" of the Chrysler Corporation. Ownership of an Imperial is not a prerequisite.

Our club activities include educational tours, tours of interest, exchanging information, car shows, and interaction with other clubs. We enjoy caravanning to these activities in the camaraderie of others who share a common interest in preserving and enjoying classic cars.
Annually there is a statewide meet in which Imperial owners participate. The statewide meet consists of a car show, banquet and awards, seminars, and tours of interest. All statewide meets are held in scenic locales in California and alternate with the Southern California Imperial Owners Inc.

The club strives to arrange interesting activities that can be enjoyed by everyone who would like to preserve and promote distinctive classic and luxury cars such as the Imperial. Communication of the events and other information is published in the bi-monthly newsletter and this web site.

Click on the membership application link. Please print it, and, return it to:

c/o Ken Lang
9122 Rutland Ct
Stockton, Ca. 95209

You will thereby become part of our relaxed, growing family.


Ken Lang
Vice President, Membership

Membership Application