Pauline Yetter
Pauline was born on June 19, 1933 in Turlock, California. Growing up she loved sports. She enjoyed tennis the most, playing three times a day. She also enjoyed playing Basketball, and she loved the Water. Her school had a contest to see who could hold their breath underwater the longest and she won First Place. Pauline was also smart. Her favorite subject was Math, and she became an Accountant in her adult life.

Pauline became Mrs. Charles Yetter in 1978. They were married in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I asked Pauline how she and Charles met. She shared that they met through Charles’ Mom. Pauline and his Mom belonged to the same Masonic Order, White Shrine, and attended meetings in San Rafael. Charles attended a meeting with his Mom one day, and Charles and Pauline became friends.
Pauline at Twelve Years old with her Mom
In 1968 , he bought his Imperial LeBaron brand new. It was a great road car that served them well. During the 90’s when they joined the Northern California Imperial Club, they drove it to events. Pauline cherishes a photo that Tom Johnson (active member of Imperial Club at the time) took of their ‘68 Imperial which they framed and she has on her bedroom wall.
Pauline and Charles were introduced to the Northern California Imperial Club by Kathy and Mike Bullock. Mike is fondly known as “Doc” Bullock. He maintained their Imperials, and encouraged them to buy the ‘72 LeBaron because the ‘68 LeBaron had seen better days. Pauline thought that the ‘72 LeBaron was a MUCH more comfortable ride on their long road trips. With their ’68, Pauline brought along a lot of pillows.
Pauline wanted to become an officer during a Masonic election, and she invited Charles to be her escort. They became more serious as time went by. They courted, got married, and she moved to his home in Millbrae where they spent 26 years of happy marriage. She explained during their early years together “she gained weight, got rid of her allergies (he had pets), and she became happy. She described Charles, who was 27 years older than her , as Strong, Dominant, and Loving. Before they met, Charles served as Mayor of Millbrae in the late 60’s.
On May 12, 2004, Pauline’s dear husband of 26 years past away. He was 98 years old. He enjoyed good health and they enjoyed an active life together until his demise.  Pauline continues to be upbeat, and sharp of mind today. She was Secretary/Treasurer of the Northern California Imperial Club for years. Her organization skills can be seen in her books that she kept as Treasurer. It contains a LOT of history. It was my pleasure to SPOTLIGHT Pauline and Charles’ life together. Thank you, Pauline, for the opportunity to share your life with our members.
In 2001, they decided to sell the ‘72 LeBaron to a young man who was really interested in it. However, he never took care of it properly, and it got towed away. The young man never changed the registration. She received a notice to pay $2000 or it would go to the Demolition Derby Drivers. She just couldn’t let that happen, so she bought the ’72 LeBaron back from the Impound Storage. Kenyon Wills (IOANC member) is part owner of the ‘72 LeBaron and makes sure it runs well. Over the years it won a lot of awards.