Jack Shea
Jack Shea is one of our out-of-state IOANC Members from Indianapolis, IN. He is always lighthearted, and a pleasure to be around. I asked Jack how he became a supporter for both Northern and Southern California Imperial Clubs. He shared that his good friend Bob Roeper, of the Southern California Imperials Owners Club, (SCIOI) loved going to car shows, and auctions as often as he could. It was he who invited Jack to his first Imperial Statewide Meet. Jack completely enjoyed meeting new friends, and attending the planned events while visiting California. He won’t be at our 2011 Statewide Meet in Pacific Grove, but sends his best regards to everyone.

Jack Shea was born April 28, 1930. He just celebrated his 81st birthday.. He was the youngest son in a family of nine. He had four brothers and four sisters. Jack was born during the Depression, and his family was extremely poor. However, Jack never shied away from hard work. At age 14, he went to work in an Upholstery shop. He learned the craft very well. Growing up, he had a difficult time learning in school. He was given the opportunity to go to a technical high school where he enjoyed the different shop classes that were offered. He took Mechanical Drawing, because he was told if you were going to build something you needed a design. He took Cabinet making, and Painting and Decorating to name a few. Jack is extremely creative with his hands to this day. He would never hesitate to help his Dad paint the house or do what needed to be fixed. He was drafted into the Army when he was 21 years old, and sent to Anchorage, Alaska. He was only in the Army for a little while, when his family sent for him. His Dad unfortunately got cancer, and the family needed Jack’s help to care for his Dad and the family while his Mom worked. His Dad died at the young age of 60 years old. His family talked Jack into claiming family hardship, and he agreed, never returning to Army duty. When Jack turned 58 1/2, he decided to retire from work. He wanted to live to 61, one year longer than his dad. His for brothers unfortunately also died at early ages, too. Jack recently had to take better care for his health, and as a result, he is VERY happy to be 81. His Mom, died at 98, so he also attributes his long life to her side of the family.
Jack’s present home was bought for $8000 so many years ago. He continued to care for his Mom in this home until the end of her long life. She had many celebrations of life while alive and well. On her 95th birthday, the family wrote down her special memories for her family posterity. I thought it interesting enough for the members to read a few of her memories of life back in Indiana in the early 1900’s. (see below)
Today, Jack looks back, and says he continues to live a full and WONDERFUL life because he is surrounded by loving family and friends. Jack never really had any problems with his health. He never drank or smoked. However, his visit to the Doctor’s last year surprised him. He found out he had diabetes. His doctor said to stay away from bacon, ham, white starchy foods (potato, bread, pasta), and eat lots of greens and lean meats. (The darker greens were better). Jack followed his Doctor’s advice to the letter, and lost 40 pounds. His energy level skyrocketed. He has remodeled his home from top to bottom. His Doctor says now his sugar reading is below 92. Jack looks great, and he continues to have the energy to continue the many projects he loves.
Jack receiving a honorary participation award from Dave Labhard at our 2009 Statewide Meet
This beautiful piece of artwork, is Jack’s handy work. He is pictured to the right with Roger Selby. These photos were taken at the 2010 State meet.
Car Aficionado and Good Friend Bob Roeper invited Jack to his first statewide Meet. Jack enjoys the gatherings a lot.