Member Profiles
In Memory
Member profiles are a short story about one of our members and their love of cars. Click on their picture and it will take you to the newsletter that featured their story. Enjoy.
Lud & Ad Indihar
Jan 2009
Charlene Quinn
Mar 2009
Norm Frey
Jul 2009
Dan Melnick
Sep 2009
Tony Bevacqua
Sep 2009
Don & Freeda Beachler
Nov 2009
Pauline Yetter
Jan 2010
Ole & Peg Jensen
Mar 2010
Jimmy White
May 2010
Albert Landsberger
Jul 2010
Roger & Carol Selby
Sep 2010
D.J. Quinn
Nov 2010
Dennis Leary
Mar 2011
Jack Shea
May 2011
Nannette Clark
Jan 2012
Rich & Jan Hardy
Mar 2012