Jimmy White
At 70 years young, Jimmy White lives quite a full and rewarding life today. He is no stranger to beating the odds of life’s challenges, and I am privileged to share the rest of his story.

Jimmy was born in Toledo, Washington on October 3, 1939. His parents moved to Winlock, Washington when Jimmy was still a young child. They owned one of five chicken hatcheries in the area, and their business had them shipping their products all over the world. At the age of 14, Jimmy moved to Los Angeles with his cousin. He worked as a dish washer and box boy while he attended school He joined the Army in 1957, and after basic training, he became a guided missile control panel operator and was stationed outside of Buffalo, NY. Jimmy stayed in the area to work after his discharge from the U.S. Army in 1960. He found civilian employment at a local bottling plant, and was very active with his church. He volunteered to help out with the printing of material for his church, and soon discovered it to be a skill he enjoyed. He also got married and started his family. One day, in 1962 , a big beautiful car that was burgundy in color with a white top passed him on the street. He admired it and made note that it was the car he would want to own someday in the future. It took him a year to find out that this elegant vehicle was a 1962 Imperial. His dream to own it one day was safely tucked away in the recesses of him mind. For now, he had a family to support.
In 1964, still living in Buffalo, New York, Jimmy went to work for Spaulding Fiber which used a lot of fiberglass in their products. On the application, he was asked if he was allergic to fiberglass. Never having worked with fiberglass, his answer was no. Unfortunately, one of his early challenges was the discovery that he was, indeed, allergic to fiberglass. While working with the drill press that his job required, Jimmy broke out with irritation on his hands, and arms. The irritation spread to his face, head, chest, legs and feet from the fiberglass dust. Most people are able to wash away the irritating dust, but Jimmy just got worse and worse. Todd, his first child was just born, and he needed the insurance, so he kept working at the plant, until he could find another job. His condition worsened even when he wasn’t working with the fiberglass anymore. He would later learn that the fiberglass had gotten into his bloodstream over time. He was finally able to quit that job for another, then the opportunity came up to move his family to Detroit where he became a Youth Pastor and Youth Choir Director of a church there. For employment, he serviced vending machines. Jimmy’s condition continued to worsen, though he was seeing Medical Specialists regularly. He was not getting much relief at all. Their second precious child was a daughter who they named Robyne. Her baby hair was so fine, that when Jimmy attempted to carry her close to him, her hair would irritate his open wounds. Another diagnosis to his dilemma was that a warm, humid climate could help his condition. As a result, he moved his family to New Orleans. Fortunately, or so he thought, his job was able to transfer him. No sooner had he arrived in New Orleans and reported to work, he was informed that his job was filled a few days earlier. Lacking strength, and in his words “looking like a leper’, it was difficult to find another job quickly. However, he never gave up, and was able to support his family once again by finding work. His condition would not get better despite the remedies many doctors suggested. He was sent to a medical school in New Orleans where he received a shot that FINALLY gave him some relief from the intense itching he had to live with for a few years now. He was so happy for the relief. During his seventh visit to receive the shot, his Doctor told him he couldn’t have any more shots. Jimmy knew his insurance was good, so what was the reason? The doctor could only offer that he would become addicted. It took Jimmy only FOUR DAYS to returned to his former condition, which discouraged and depressed him deeply. He once again summoned up the courage to move forward. Jimmy is deeply religious and prayed constantly for a solution to his plight. Many times he would have an emotional breakdown, shaking and crying because there was no cure for his condition. After living in New Orleans for a year and half, Jimmy took his family to visit his parents back in Washington state. Their return trip took them through Oregon. While driving 70 miles an hour, North of Medford, he had another major emotional breakdown, and felt so protected to get his family safely to the side of the road. With the encouragement of close friends, Jimmy decided to move his family to Portland, Oregon. Their third child, another beautiful daughter named Kyme was born. After a few weeks of her joyful welcome to the world, they realized that something was wrong. Her whole right side was stiff, her right eye drooped, and her right hand remained clenched in a tiny fist. By nine months she came down with pneumonia and was placed in the hospital and doctors’ said she had brain damage. Six years later, she had a brain scan, and doctors found that she did not have brain damage, but, rather one-third of her brain was totally missing. This news took yet another incredible bout of courage and strong prayer, to get Jimmy through. One evening, his church had what is called a prophetic service. Jimmy asked if they could offer the strength of their prayers for her. No longer was Jimmy concerned about his own plight, but, his daughter was his number one concern. The next 24 hours held two miracles. Jimmy slept for four hours straight. The itching stopped, and though it took a few months to heal his open sores, he never had problems again. The next morning, Jimmy noticed that Kyme’s right hand was open and warm for the first time since she was born. Today, Kyme has graduated from school with honors and a partial scholarship, and she walks and talks like any other young lady. Wow!

Jimmy plays the Saxophone beautifully, and he actively plays Sax in the Orchestra for his Church today. In 1970, while still living in Portland, he recorded a Christian music record. The picture to the left is the album cover. He shares the wonderful story of why he made the record. He was called to do Missionary work in Brazil, but being financially challenged in those early years, Jimmy instead sent all profits from his record to Brazil to help the people he would never get to meet. Later in his life, he did travel to Mexico, Brazil, Luxembourg, and Romania for short term Mission trips.

In 1980, Jimmy’s fourth child, graceful Amber was born. She has grown up to become a Professional Ice Skating Champion and is now an Ice Skating teacher, too.

Jimmy’s first taste of owning his own printing business began in Portland. However, in 1981, he made a move to his present home in Citrus Heights, Ca. When he arrived in California, he managed a print shop for a short time, and then in 1983, he opened his own business once again.

Jimmy was now finally able to think about owning his dream car. It was time to find a 1962 Imperial like the one that drove past him so long ago . In fact, as he explored his new neighborhood, he spotted one, and finally had the courage to knock on the door of the home that it was parked. The owner was Frances Kline, who he later shared was the sister of Bernice Hackney. Jimmy asked if she were willing to sell the white 1962 Imperial that caught his interest. They eventually struck a deal, and at last, he had his dream car. Unfortunately, soon after possession, it was wrecked by someone who admitted to causing the accident. Fortunately for Jimmy, Frances also owned the 1963 Imperial that is now Jimmy’s present show car. It has collected many awards. Frances also introduced Jimmy to members of what is ultimate now IOANC in 1995 or ‘96. Jimmy became active, and was Newsletter Editor for six years, and is presently Club Treasurer.

Jimmy says that his home has always been known as “The Home with the Revolving Door”. He has hosted Foreign Exchange students, and Missionaries from several countries, and if anyone needs a helping hand, he is there to extend a hand up.

Last April, at age 69 1/2, at the urging of his youngest daughter Amber, Jimmy learned to ice skate. He practices with his youngest grandson AJ, (4 years old), and actually competes in in Ice Skating competition, as well as, just to have fun! Jimmy’s four children have given him a total of eight grandchildren, and now Jimmy has a great grand child who was born May 28, 2010. Jimmy is a gentle spirit with a courageous heart. It has been my pleasure to share Jimmy’s story, and to present his family in photos. Jimmy, THANK YOU for sharing your incredible experience, lessons in FAITH, and your NEVER GIVE UP SPIRIT!
Oldest son Todd and his family
2nd Daughter Robyne and her family
Miracle 3rd child Kyme who has Cerebral Palsy, and has not let it deter her from her goals in life.
Son A.J. of fourth daughter Amber at the Ice Skating Rink
Grandson AJ (4 yrs) who won First Place in his ice skating class competition - San Jose, Ca
Jimmy White