Ken and Debbie Lang
Ken and I are proud owners of our ‘67 Crown Imperial and ’68 LeBaron. Ken’s interest in cars goes way back to his childhood. His Dad was a mechanic who supported his Mom and three kids. My dad was also a mechanic who supported my Mom and six kids. I fondly remember the '32 Plymouth Coupe my Dad built from the frame up. He called it the "Little White Jewel". It featured a Hemi and red and white tuck and roll. Ken and I are each the oldest of our siblings. Ken's motto since his 20’s is “Mopar or No Car”. Why? He says his Mopar’s have "never let him down".
In 2004, Ken attended Capitol City Mopars in Sacramento, Ca. He spotted a very clean '67 Crown Imperial for an excellent price. He closed the deal that day. It was his first interest ever in Imperials. Because it was a MOPAR, and we could afford it, were the reasons our own Odyssey began. I like to call it my car because I wrote the check from my part time job play money at the time.

Ken began researching "anything" Imperial after getting the car home from the Bay Area Peninsula. He found the Online Imperial Club (OIC) and met Kenyon Wills, also now a member of IOANC. Although the '67 Crown was in great un restored shape, he re-did the axel bearings, brakes, restored the front end completely, rebuilt the gear box, and replaced the radiator, hoses, belts, tires, and turn signal switch. The only cosmetic item he bought new was a beautiful black vinyl top which has added to its natural beauty.

The following year, 2005, Ken attended Capitol City Mopars again. He happened upon our beloved Bernice Hackney, now deceased, with whom he struck a conversation. She promised to send him "a Newsletter" about the Club she belonged. What luck! He remembers that only two Imperials were shown that year 2005. It was Bernice's 1967 Crown 4 Door Hardtop, and Charlene Quinn's 1965 Crown Convertible. A few months after their first meeting he received the Newsletter, and, as a result we attended our first tour at the Tao (Eugene O'Neil) House in Danville, Ca. Our commitment to the Club IOANC and its members began its fledging state with that tour.

Ken picked up our '68 LeBaron through a message posted in the OIC in late 2005. We traveled to San Rafael to look at the car, and it was in immaculate shape. It was being sold in an Estate Sale. It was also completely un restored, and garaged since its owner passed on. The price was irresistible, and we made the deal New Year's Eve, 2005. Since our purchase, the person in charge of the Estate has sent us all original documents from a car dealer in Napa that does not exist any longer. The only work Ken has done to the '68 LeBaron was to replace the hoses, radiator, tires, brakes, and the turn signal switch, also. He added sequential turn signals, which gives me a thrill to watch, almost as much as watching Ken work. The '69 Imperials were the only year sequential turn signals were stock. He is currently working to restore the Climate Control on the '68 LeBaron. Ahh, a never ending story with our treasured Imperials.

With each event that we have enjoyed with the club, we have the opportunity to drive and show our vehicles. The added bonus is that the events have been fun filled and informative, as well. We are so grateful for our wonderful friends who make up IOANC.

1967 Imperial Crown
1968 Imperial LeBaron